Our Team
Our highly qualified and professional team of insurance agents is what makes the Harper Insurance Agency the strong organization that it is today.




Yes, we stand out

Our highly qualified and compassionate team members allow us to stand out in the crowd of insurance and financial services organizations. Our agents are trained to listen to your needs, and to find solutions.

We can help you select the right insurance policy to protect your car, home, life, or income, and then find a payment plan that fits your needs. We'll use terms you can understand when explaining insurance policies and financial services.

If you own a business, or have management authority within a business, we can also help your employees protect their paychecks and families without any direct cost to your business. We’ll help you offer payroll deduction options for health, disability, accident, and life insurance. Let us show you how offering supplemental insurance to your employees can reduce your payroll FICA tax obligation.

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Call our office at (952) 473-2110 and we will discuss your various risk areas.