About the agency owners

Jim & Charlene Harper 

Jim and Charlene

Jim and Charlene Harper have been married for 34 years and have two daughters. They started this insurance agency in 2005 and have won numerous awards for how they support and retain customers while growing their agency. They are both licensed in all lines of Property & Casualty insurance as well as Life and Health insurance. You can learn more about Jim and Charlene's family and why they got into the insurance business by going to the "Our Beginnings" page on this web site.
After clicking on the link above you will also learn about a fire that Jim and Charlene had at their home in 1992 (possibly caused by a critter). They had to move out of their home for 14 months while their house was being rebuilt. But the way they were treated and taken care of by their insurance company - who they now represent - was the main reason why they decided to start their own insurance agency 13 years later, in 2005. They wanted to take care of individuals and families the way they were treated - with compassion and care. 
Jim and Charlene's daughters were 2 and 5 at the time of their fire. They seem to have grown up a little since that fateful day. One of them is now a Sr. Scientist (Shannon) and the other is a Marketing Leader (Meredith) at companies in the Twin Cities.

 Shannon and Meredith Harper

A little more about Jim
Jim is also an author. He has authored a Christian book that is being read all over the world. It is currently in 8 languages - with 12 more translations (languages) coming soon. By the end of 2019 Jim believes his book will be in 20 languages and read by people in over 50 countries.
His book (a 184-page paperback) is free. That's right, free - in every country. The printing of the book is funded by people who have read the book and wish to "bless-it-forward." Over 50,000 books have been printed and given away to-date, and thousands more e-versions have been downloaded and read from his web site. There are also free audio versions of his book as well as free study guides. Many people are treating his book as a daily reader.
You can learn much more by visiting his web site